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Lunedì, 15 Luglio 2013 23:44

Concerti 2011

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  • 14 gennaio Concerto a Pescara (Quintetto)
    15 gennaio Concerto a Campobasso (Quintetto)
    16 gennaio Concerto a Sulmona (Quintetto)
    5 marzo Recital a Milano Palazzina Liberty
    28 Aprile Recital a Bari
    29-30 Aprile Masterclass a Bari
    15 Maggio Trio Geminiani a Livorno3 June Solo Concert Rimaggio (Italy)
    18-19 June CD recording
    2 July Concert Trio Garda (Italy)
    24 July Quintet at Musica in Castello (Italy)
    26 August Solo Concert in Gargnano (Italy)
    1-3 September Gargnano Jury in International competition
    4 September Solo Concert Ealing (London)
    8-11 September Master a Prato (Italy)
    2 October Concert trio Sala baganza (Italy)
    3 October Concert Trio a Este (Italy)
    12 October Master Class in Uppsala (Sweden)
    13 October Concert Trio in Uppsala (Sweden)
    24 october mon.  Chiba 
    27 october this. Tokyo masterclass 
    28 october fri. Kanagawa concert 
    29 october sat. Ibaragi concert 
    30 october sun. Saitama concert 
    30 october sun. Tokyo concert 
    1 november Tokyo Homa Dream concert
    2 november wed. Hyogo concert 
    3 november thus. Osaka masterclass
    12 Dicember Solo concert a Firenze

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