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Flavio Cucchi (guitar) presents:

Meeting around Children's Songs(by Chick Corea)

(This program for two guitars is presented with different partners)


Rachel Portman (arrangement by Giorgio Mirto)

from the soundtrack of the  movie "Chocolat"

Main titles

Party preparation

Guillaime's confession

Vianne sets up shop


Lennon-McCartney/Leo Brouwer

She's leaving home

The Fool on the Hill

Penny Lane


Chick Corea 

12 Children's Songs

(transcription by Flavio Cucchi - Chick Corea)


Giulio Clementi

Tre pezzi da balera (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)

Slow fox

Slow Waltz


Notes on Children’s Songs Project (Chick Corea)

I met Chick Corea in the late '80s in Los Angeles and we met again  several times in England, Italy and USA. Although I'm not a jazz musician, occasionally we played together and discussed a lot about classical music and Jazz, the different approaches and attitudes. 

In the 2000s he dedicated to me a series of pieces: the "Rumination for guitar," which I recorded for ARCMusic and performed many times around the world. 

The Children's Songs, written for solo piano in the time frame between 1972 and 1980 are a series of short pieces, a sort of musical  haiku inspired by the magical world of the children. 

I always liked these pieces and I wanted to play it, but with the guitar they looked unplayable, because what is very easy on the piano could be impossible or very difficult with the guitar and the feeling of effort in trying to play them was spoiling the magic simplicity of it.

So I decided to transcribe it for 2 guitars and I chose 12 that seemed more 'suitable to the sound of 2 guitars. 

I mantained almost always the original key and I submitted my transcription to the composer who appreciated it and gave me some tips. 

The musical language of the Children’s Songs  is original and does not fit easily into a classification as classic or jazz. 

In their apparent simplicity the Children’s Songs hide intriguing polyrhythms and some room for improvisation.

Flavio Cucchi


Guitar Recital

J. Duarte: English Suite
A. Borghese: Habanera d'Autunno
C. Corea: Ruminations for guitar (dedicated to F. Cucchi)

A. Vivaldi: Concerto in Re magg. (trasc. F. Cucchi)
G.F. Haendel: Passacaglia (trasc. F. Cucchi)
F. Kreisler: Praeludium und Allegro (trasc. F. Cucchi)


Concert for guitar and Quartet

Flavio Cucchi and Fandango Ensemble

Luigi Boccherini: Quintetto IV in re maggiore G. 448 “Fandango” per chitarra e quartetto d'archi Pastorale, Allegro maestoso, Grave assai, Fandango

Leone Sinigaglia: Hora Mystica, Lento per quartetto d’archi

Arturo Vanbianchi: Silhouette, Allegro vivace per quartetto d’archi


Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco: Quintetto op. 143 per chitarra e Quartetto d'archi Allegro vivace e schietto, Andante mesto, Scherzo (allegro con spirito, alla marcia), Finale (allegro con fuoco)


Concert for guitar and strings

Flavio Cucchi e Gli Archi di Firenze

Omaggio ai Beatles
L. Brouwer: "From Yesterday to Penny Lane" (7 songs after the Beatles) for guitar and strings
O. Lacagnina: "American Portraits" for guitar and strings


 Concert for guitar and basso continuo

(cembalo and cello)


Flavio Cucchi – guitar, Gabriele Micheli – cembalo and Filippo Burchietti – cello

Francesco Geminiani: "The Art of playing the guitar" (integrale)

Concerts for guitar and orchestra

Flavio Cucchi guitar

N. D'Angelo: Hor (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)
H. Villa Lobos: Concerto per chitarra e piccola orchestra

J. Rodrigo:Concierto de Aranjuez

J. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un gentilhombre
M. Giuliani: Concerto op.30
R. Pezzati: Aura per flauto, chitarra e orchestra
A. Vivaldi: Concerto in re maggiore
O. Lacagnina: Musica per un momento (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)
L. Brouwer: From Yesterday to Penny Lane (seven song after the Beatles)
L. Brouwer: Tres danzas concertantes
L. Brouwer: Concerto elegiaco

 Chamber music

Flavio Cucchi 

O. Lacagnina: American portraits for guitar and string quintet (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)
L. Boccherini: Quintetti
M. Castelnuovo Tedesco: Romancero gitano (for guitar and choir)
L. Brouwer: From Yesterday to Penny Lane (seven song after the Beatles) for guitar and string quintet
H. W. Henze: El Cimarron
G. Petrassi: Sestina d'autunno, Grand septuor
P. Boulez: Le Marteau sans Maitre
F. Geminiani: "The Art of playing the guitar" (integrale) for guitar, harpsichord and cello.


Solo Guitar 

Chick Corea: Ruminations for guitar (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)

N. D'Angelo: Electric suite (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)

A. Company: Suite for Flavio (dedicated to Flavio Cucchi)
Il Gran Solo di Sor

O. R. Casares: Sephardic songs
Q. Sinesi: Cielo abierto

L. Brouwer: Parabola,
Espiral eterna,
Elogio de la danza
El Decameron negro,
Paisaje cubano con campanas
Danza del Altiplano
Un dia de noviembre
An idea
Dos tema spopulares cubanos
Variations sur un theme de Django Reinhardt

R. Towner: Suite for guitar

A. Sidney: Changing Shadow (dedicatod to Flavio Cucchi)

Short stories of Florence

G. Petrassi: Nunc

R. Smith Brindle: El Polifemo de Oro

M. Castelnuovo Tedesco: Capriccio diabolico
Platero Y Yo

H. Villa Lobos: Suite populaire Bresilienne
5 Preludes

A. Lauro: 6 Vals

A. Barrios Mangorè: La Catedral
Choro de Saudade
Julia florida
Junto a tu corazon
Vals n.3
Vals n.4

M. Ponce: Tema variato e finale
Sonatina meridional

I. Albeniz: Granada, Sevilla, Capriccio Catalano

F. Kreisler: Praeludium und Allegro (trasc. F.Cucchi)

F. Mendelsshon: Canzonetta

M. Giuliani: Rossiniana n.1 op.119
Rossiniana n. 2 op.120
Sonatina op 71 n.3

F. Carulli: Solo n.2 op. 76

N. Paganini: Grand Sonata, 5 Sonate

L. Moretti: Variazioni sulle Follie di Spagna

G.F. Haendel: Passacaille (trasc. F.Cucchi)

D. Scarlatti: 6 Sonate

F. Couperin: Les barricades myteriouses

S.L.Weiss: Suite in mi min.

J. Dowland: A Fancy, Lady Hundson's puffe, Earl of Essex Galliard, Lachrimae

S. Molinaro: Tre Fantasie

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